Award nominations closing soon – check this out for details on how entries will be judged

Justice Michael Kirby is overseeing the awards judging process

Nominations for the 2014 GLOBE Community Awards are closing soon! Make sure that you have put your nomination in. You can put in multiple nominations but you just need to make sure you follow our guidelines.

Remember to check out the Award Guidelines to ensure that your nomination answers all of the questions that our judges will be looking for.

Check out the document below:

GLOBE Awards Entry Guidelines

Nominations need to be emailed to by 31 August 2014.

How will nominations be judged?

Justice Michael Kirby has helped us develop the judging process to ensure that the judging remains fair and impartial and that all awards are presented on their merit.

The judging process will happen in three stages:

  • Stage 1 – The awards committee will review submissions and ensure that they meet the minimum criteria and have been allocated in the right category.
  • Stage 2 – Our awards judges will review each nomination and score the entries based on an agreed criteria. This agreed criteria will help us pick the three finalists.
  • Stage 3 – The three finalists will be contacted to ensure they are aware and agree to being nominated. The judges may ask for further details or seek further information that they will use to deliberate and pick a winner.
  • Final stage – In this final stage, our judges from stage 2 and 3 will submit all entries, their scores, notes and recommendations to Justice Kirby for review. Justice Kirby will review these to ensure that the scores have been fair and there has been no conflict of interest. Once he approves the findings of the judges then the awards will be presented!

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