Meet the finalists for GLOBE’s GLBTI Person of the Year

GLOBE proudly acknowledges the hard work and commitment of the finalists for the GLBTI Person of the Year for the inaugural GLOBE Community Awards.

The GLBTI Person of the Year represents one of the hardest working and most committed people to supporting our community to build, reach out, discover and thrive. With a distinguished list of nominees, it was a tough job for our judges to narrow down our finalists.

Each finalist has committed their life to supporting the GLBTI community and has achieved huge success through their work. These are the people who are, in part, responsible for the leaps and bounds we have made. We want to support them and inspire the wider community to get involved and be a part of making a difference in whatever way they can.
danryanshootemail12aDaniel Witthaus is a tour de force for challenging homophobia throughout Australia. From his beginnings working with youth groups and training in schools to founding NICHE (the National Institute Challenging Homophobia Education) and his most recent 38 week tour of Australia, Daniel is known throughout the GLBTI community for his work young people and those in isolated communities.

Daniel has published two books: ‘Pride & Prejudice’, an educational package that allows secondary school teachers to challenge homophobia in their classroom; and ‘Beyond Priscilla’, the recounting of his 38 week tour of Australia to challenge homophobia.

As his profile grows, Daniel continues to make connections in the wider community and rural Australia to break down barriers to GLBTI support networks.

DonHayDon Hay began volunteering with the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) in 1988 and was appointed as a staff member in 1994 because of his knowledge of HIV and GLBTI issues.

Don’s volunteer work and career has spans 26 years of commitment to supporting the GLBTI community. He has built a reputation on trust, respect and leadership and is well recognised as a leader for the community.

Most recently, Don was vocal in the defence of Fairfield House, a clinical service at the Alfred Hospital facing closure prior to the AIDS 2014 international conference. Don stood up and represented those who felt they could not speak up to defend the place where they relied on clinical services.

Don is an important representative for GLBTI individuals and has a proven devotion through his long career of supporting this community.

Anna_highresAnna Brown is the Director of Advocacy & Strategic Advocacy with the Human Rights Law Centre, Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby Co-Convenor, National LGBTI Health Alliance Board Member and International Lesbian and Gay Association Oceania Treasurer.

Anna’s paid and significant unpaid volunteer work is heavily focussed on supporting the GLBTI community and she has been a part of many of Victoria’s GLBTI legal and political achievements.

Anna has been a driving force behind: the Victorian Government commitment to expunge gay sex convictions; helping the High Court understand trans and gender diverse issues; the successful continuation of the No To Homophobia campaign; securing the Victorian Police apology for the Tasty Nightclub raid; and countless other contributions.

Anna continues to actively campaign through her professional and volunteer commitments.

Join us in congratulating our finalists and make sure you get involved, as well. Get tickets for the GLOBE Community Awards from EventBrite or contact for more information.

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