Meet the finalists: A Healthy Community

There are a range of organisations in our community that dedicate their time and resources to increasing the health of the GLBTI community.

The ‘A Healthy Community’ Award in the GLOBE Community Awards recognises the work of organisations in improving the physical and/or mental health of Victoria’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.

All of the organisations that nominated (or were nominated) for this award have achieved sensational outcomes in improving the health of our community.

ENUF_natasha-ianThe ENUF Campaign by Living Positive Victoria has challenged the HIV stigma in our community. This innovative crowd sourcing campaign reduces the stigma and discrimination suffered by those who are affected by and living with HIV – reducing the barriers to treatment.

The ENUF campaign provides a platform for anyone to speak about their experiences of HIV stigma and resilience and have their voice heard through social marketing and media promotion. Crowd sourced and crowd funded, the protest campaign focuses on challenging stereotypes, assumptions and the unfairness of discrimination.

The campaign has had a strong impact in receiving submissions from individual and in reaching the community. It has also amassed an impressive list of ambassadors supporting the campaign.

Young and GayThe Young and Gay Group by the Victorian AIDS Council is a unique peer facilitated workshop for young men. The forum provides a safe space for young men to discuss sexuality, sex and sexual health.

Set up in 1994, the group reaches out to young men who don’t have support networks, either due to isolation or lack of familial understanding or acceptance. The Young and Gay Group delivers real outcomes to the mental health of these young men by increasing their connections with the community and ensuring that these young people are heard, supported and become proud members of our community.

Physical Health is a major health issue in the broader community and people in the GLBTI community are not immune to this. Team Melbourne’s Midsumma Sports Day has worked to reconnect individuals with a range of sports and sporting clubs.

Midsumma sports day 3

This year’s Midsumma Sports Day saw a “come and try” session that allowed our community to try a number of sports including swimming, running, water polo, volleyball, dancing, AFL 9s, soccer, rugby, rowing, tennis and badminton.

Apart from unifying GLBTI sporting teams, the Midsumma Sports Day sent a strong message to the community that GLBTI people can participate in sport in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Join us in congratulating our finalists and make sure you get involved, as well. Get tickets for the GLOBE Community Awards from EventBrite or contact for more information.

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