Meet the finalists: Protecting Our Community

The ‘Protecting Our Community’ Award in the GLOBE Community Awards recognises the tireless work that goes on to continue to protect the rights of Victoria’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex community. It also recognises work that is aimed at keeping the community safe.

A lot of this work goes on behind the scenes, and we are pleased to recognise some important work that has provided a great benefit to those that identify as GLBTI in Victoria.

Repeal19APressConf_21JUL2014_02During AIDS2014, the Victorian Government made a landmark announcement that it would be repealing Section 19A of the Victoria Crimes Act, which criminalised the intentional transmission of HIV.

This announcement was the culmination of a joint advocacy project by the Victorian AIDS Council and Living Positive Victoria to obtain a commitment from the major political parties to consider HIV as a public helath issue and not a criminal issues. This involved advocating for the repeal of section 19A of the Act and the development of guidelines governing prosecutors and Victoria Police who are dealing with alleged cases of HIV transmission and exposure.

This work further reduces the stigma of HIV in the community, as this was the only law within Australia which labelled HIV positive people as ‘dangerous’. The move helps remove barriers for HIV positive individuals to accessing services and seeking support.

Nathan Despott 2011 DB EDITIDB Twitter 02Bnside Ex-Gay: the naked truth exposed the “Ex-gay” movement throughout Australia, a practice amongst Evangelical and Pentecostal churches as a misguided means of healing or curing people of non-heterosexual attractions.

Ex-gay theory is based on flawed theological principals and pseudo-psychology and is practised within church communities, unsupervised by any professionally recognized church or therapeutic organisations and has an insidious and dehumanising effect on those subjected to its practice.

Researched and produced by Nathan Despott and presented by Dean Beck the multimedia project created four one-hour radio documentaries, a 30 minute special program and a multimedia website to both expose and provide support for those impacted by the practice.

Anna_highresAnna Brown has driven many of the changes in law that have increased the rights of our community. The Director of Advocacy & Strategic Advocacy with the Human Rights Law Centre, Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby Co-Convenor, National LGBTI Health Alliance Board Member and International Lesbian and Gay Association Oceania Treasurer, Anna contributes a significant amount of time towards protecting Victoria’s GLBTI community.

Anna has been a driving force behind: the Victorian Government commitment to expunge gay sex convictions; helping the High Court understand trans and gender diverse issues; the successful continuation of the No To Homophobia campaign; securing the Victorian Police apology for the Tasty Nightclub raid; and countless other contributions.

Join us in congratulating our finalists and make sure you get involved, as well. Get tickets for the GLOBE Community Awards from EventBrite or contact for more information.

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