Meet the finalists: Excellence in Business

GLBTI owned businesses build strong relationships in the community where they operate. Their presence and openness provides a great stepping-stone for better social inclusion for the entire GLBTI community.

Operating a successful business that identifies as GLBTI provides a service where our community feels safe and where the wider community can recognise the excellent contribution made by GLBTI people.

The GLOBE Community Awards ‘Excellence in Business’ award recognises the hard work of GLBTI business owners and their contribution to our community. 

The Pink Media Group is a media-buying agency that helps organisations engage with the GLBTI community through media and engagement activities.

Hares & Hyenas is a bookshop and café that has been in our community since 1991. It delivers a strong cultural program of events that has seen it become well known as an event venue for the GLBTI community.

Botanics of Melbourne is a popular florist found in Facebook SquareMelbourne’s thriving suburb of South Yarra. Over the past two years, it has become the preferred choice for corporates, weddings and a range of TV shows. Botanics also provide significant support to a range of organisations in Melbourne including GLBTI focused groups.

Join us in congratulating our finalists for the GLOBE Community Awards.

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