Check out our finalists for the John Marriott Sportsperson of the Year

The John Marriott Sportsperson of the Year Awards, sponsored by AESOP is awarded for outstanding achievement in any sport by a Victorian GLBTI individual. These individuals are not only committed to their sport of choice but inspire, support and elicit the spirit of inclusiveness, and give back to their clubs and their communities.

Winners in this category have included Jason Ball (pictured with his team above), from the Yarra Glen Football Club, and John Marriott, from the Glamourhead Sharks.

This years finalists are:

melbournesurgeAndrew ‘Disco’ Sciberras – (Melbourne Surge) is a founding member of water polo team ‘Melbourne Surge’. Disco has travelled nationally and internationally representing his sport, most notably to the World Outgames in Antwerp and the Cologne Gay Games. Few sporting teams can boast a player that contributes with unwavering passion to the team’s success through the encouragement and development of each and every player whilst still excelling on a personal level.

glamourheadTodd Patrick – (Glamourhead Sharks) has been a member of the Glamourhead Sharks swim team for almost 3 years. Like many Australians Todd swum as a boy, but successfully pursued dancing as a career. Todd returned to the pool at 34 and has applied the discipline and dedication from his background in dance to his competitiveness in the pool. Naturally inspiring and encouraging, Todd is unwavering in his support of his teammates. Such qualities are demonstrative of him being an obvious ambassador for promoting more GLBTIQ participants in sport.

rzlyuzvy_400x400Cassio Muniz Gonclaves – (Melbourne Spikers) has enjoyed much success as a volleyball player. His dedication has seen him decorated with accolades from sporting events Australia-wide. Cassio is now in his 5th year competitively with the Melbourne Spikers. He has been nominated not only for his skill and commitment, but for the personal provisions he makes for the GLBTIQ community in ensuring and encouraging wellbeing, social integration and the benefits of participating in exercise at a team level.

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