Meet the finalists who are protecting the GLBTI community

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The GLOBE Community Awards recognise the important and inspiring work that happens in Victoria’s GLBTI community.

The Protecting Our Community Award category, sponsored by Lander and Rogers, recognises organisations and programs that increase the safety or advance human rights in our community.

Meet the finalists for this year’s awards:

Victorian Public Sector Pride Network, Supportive and Understanding Human Resource Teams – Established to motivate workplace inclusion for the LGBTI and wider community, VPSPN has contributed to providing better insight into policy, development and improved service outcomes to cater for the community it serves. An active voice in the government’s roll out of the ‘LGBTI Inclusion Plan 2016-2017’ and ‘Pride in Diversity’, the team strives to nurture and support LGBTI individuals in the workplace.

Blue Cross, Proud to be Me – An all-inclusive program for BlueCross employees, this initiative was devised to encourage diversity and cohesion. Motivated by the introduction of the first National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy, the program is aimed to support staff in their clinical and overall care of clients despite their preference in sexuality, gender identity or intersex status. Through the ‘Proud to be Me’ program, BlueCross is devoted to offering an understanding, supportive and nurturing environment to both their clients and staff.

Victorian Local Governance Association, Local Government Turns Rainbow – An annual forum, established in April this year, was attended by councillors and council officers throughout Victoria. This forum launched to educate attendees of the LGBTI community on their needs and rights, providing support and social activities and how to actively consult and engage with the community. The ‘Local Government Turns Rainbow’ meeting is aimed to assist local government professionals to better support, collaborate and work alongside the LGBTI community to creative a more cohesive and inclusive environment.

Joy 94.9 – Since 1993, this independent, volunteer-based radio station has been the voice of the ever-diverse and vibrant gay and lesbian community. Asserting freedom of expression and celebrating the LGBTI culture, achievements and pride has been at the forefront of this radio station’s ethos. 329,000 + people tune in to be updated on music, talkback, news and current affairs, arts and cultural programs that interest the LGBTI and wider community. Joy FM supports the community through offering 450 free service announcements on behalf of organisations that are aligned with the LGBTI community.

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