Finalists for the John Marriott Sportsperson of the Year Award

The John Marriott Sportsperson of the Year award, sponsored by Aesop, celebrates LGBTI individuals who have accomplished exceptional sporting achievements in Victoria.

Here are the finalists for the Aesop Sports Person of the Year:

Jason Buckner is the winner of numerous gold medals in masters swimming, both in Victoria and internationally, and currently serves as head coach for the Glamourhead Sharks Aquatic Club, where he promotes LGBTQI aquatic athletes in local competition and abroad.

Meredith ‘Maxi’ Williams is a former two time winner of the Head of the Yarra rowing competition, a multiple award winning underwater hockey champion, and, with the Melbourne University Boat Club, a winner of gold and silver at the 2017 World Masters. In 2001 she founded the Melbourne Argonauts Queer Rowing Club, Australias first LGBTQI rowing club.

Sebastian Delfino is a multiple medal winning volleyball player who boasts a number of accolades in Australia and abroad. Serving as president of the Melbourne Spikers and Vice President of Team Melbourne, Sebastian has worked tirelessly to over an eight year career to build goodwill between teams and organisations.

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