Finalists for the Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year Award

The Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year award recognises the inspiring LGBTIQA individuals creating positive impact through the work they have done within the community and their commitment to the cause.

Here are the finalists for the GLOBE LGBTI Person of the Year award:

Anthony Wallace is a passionate and long-time advocate for marriage equality and co-ordinator of the Equal Love Campaign. For over ten years he has worked to bring members of the community to the front lines, while also creating The 86 Bar, which prides itself as a safe space for LGBTQI people and performers.

Melissa Griffiths is a passionate volunteer transgender advocate whose experience of discrimination and harassment drives her toward providing an outlet for a community in need. She lends her time freely to speak at events, seminars, write blog posts, and record podcasts to further her outreach.

Micah Scott began his career as a volunteer for Minus18 at the age of seventeen, and after profound changes in the organisation has escalated to CEO. The organisation boasts a reach of over 150,000 people, and provides LGBTQI resources used the world over.

Dolly Diamond is the stage name of Michael Dalton, a much beloved entertainer and performer who’s called Australia home since 1999. Touring the nation with shows and festivals, Dolly is one of the country’s finest cabaret talents, and works to promote LGBTQI causes and emerging talent.

To purchase your tickets from the GLOBE 2017 Community Awards click here 

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