Finalists for the Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year award recognises the outstanding volunteers who dedicate their time to supporting the LGBTI community and their personal volunteer achievements.

Here are the finalists for the Volunteer of the Year award:

Sally Tia Conning is a transgender advocate, educator and speaker whose work has brought her before myriad groups in urban and rural communities. She has acted both as an organisational representative and as an individual, and offers one-on-one to support to community members in need.

Jimmy Twin is a dedicated community volunteer working to promote emerging LGBTQI artists in the video game industry, as well as being a tireless advocate for equal representation in media. In recent years he has curated numerous LGBTQI art exhibitions, and appears regularly on Joy 94.9’s video game show, Checkpoint.

Myka Williams volunteers as a member of the Victorian AIDS Council where he offers services in event and program management, the collection of items for the VAC food bank, and massage therapy for people living with HIV. He is credited with netting over $12,000 for the organisation over the last year alone.

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