Have you started your nomination for this year’s GLOBE Community Awards?

Nominations are now open for this year’s GLOBE Community Awards.

It is free to nominate, and nominations are being sought from community organisations and individuals who support Victoria’s LGBTI community.

Nominations close at midnight on 12 August 2018.

Thinking of submitting a nomination? Follow these steps:

  • Check out our award categoriesand consider which category your nomination fits under. Don’t forget to also look at the terms and conditions of entry.
  • Get some inspiration from our finalist and awards winners on our Awards News Scroll through the stories to revisit all the finalists in our categories and read through their stories.
  • Register yourself on our Awards Force portalso that we know you are thinking about a nomination. Registration is easy (hint: you can use your Facebook or Twitter profile!).
  • Check out our GLOBE Awards Entry Guidelines 2018and start writing your answers to the nomination criteria.
  • Finish your nomination and submit by the final date: midnight 12 August 2018.

Good luck with your nomination!

Victoria’s biggest LGBTI awards is seeking nominations

Nominations are open for the 5th annual GLOBE Community Awards to recognize excellence in Victoria’s LGBTI community.

Founded and run by the Gay and Lesbian Organisation of Business and Enterprise (GLOBE), the awards celebrate the inspiring work within Victoria’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and intersex communities.

Supported by the Victorian Government and a range of sponsors including Optus, ANZ, VicHealth, Think HQ and Lander and Rogers, the awards lead Victoria’s LGBTI community in recognising the incredible work of individuals and organisations that support their community to thrive.

Last year’s major award was taken out by Minus18 CEO Micah Scott, who continues to be a champion for LGBTI youth, advocating and raising up their voices to be heard at a national level.

Last year’s winners include: RMIT University for the Protecting our community Award; Artist, Singer and Performer Mama Alto for Artist of the Year; and Associate Professor Michelle Telfer as Straight Ally of the Year for her work in developing and innovating the way medical professionals work with transgender children and their families.

President of GLOBE, Dan de Rochefort says he is expecting high caliber nominations this year. “I’m amazed by the work and dedication of individuals and organisations that I’ve seen within the LGBTI community, even in just the last 12 months.”

GLOBE is also expecting to see nominations for the individuals and organisations that were active during the postal survey, as well as the continuing work that is happening in the community.

“Our advancement doesn’t end with marriage equality, and while we expect this to be a focus of nominations due to the work that went into the vote, we are also expecting nominations for the full breadth of work happening in our community,” says Dan.

“I want you to nominate that person or organisation that makes Victoria an amazing place to be if you identify as LGBTI+.”

This year, the GLOBE Community Awards is amending the business award to focus on small business. The ANZ Excellence in Small Business award acknowledges the key role that small businesses play in shaping communities. LGBTI-owned small businesses support our place in the local community as key providers and contributors.

Farrah Tomazin, David Hannam, Elisabeth Tuckey and Emma Page Campbell will all return to judge nominations. We also welcome two new judges: Matt Buck representing ANZ, and Micah Scott representing the community in his role as 2017 Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year.

GLOBE would like to thank out outgoing judges Peter Hitchener and Georgie Stone for the commitment to the awards. Georgie represented the community last year, while Peter has been with the awards since 2015.

Nominations for the awards will close on 12 August 2018.

Organisations and individuals are encouraged to apply for the awards under ten categories. In 2018, awards will be given in the following categories:

  1. A healthy community
  2. Connecting the LGBTI community
  3. ANZ Excellence in small business
  4. Protecting our community
  5. Media excellence
  6. Artist of the year
  7. Straight ally of the year
  8. Volunteer of the year
  9. John Marriott Sports person of the year
  10. The GLOBE LGBTI Person of the Year


Eleven of Victoria’s business and community leaders were recognised for their achievements and contributions to the LGBTI community at a gala event in Melbourne on Saturday 28 October 2017

The 2017 GLOBE Community Awards- hosted by Sami Shah and Gorgi Coghlan- brought together the state’s top business leaders, volunteers, sports people, researchers and community groups to celebrate awards across a range of categories, including naming the 2017 Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year.

GLOBE President, Dan de Rochefort, said the event, which fell in the last week of the Government’s same-sex marriage poll, provided an important opportunity to celebrate achievements during a divisive and trying time for the LGBTI community.

“It was incredible to see so many people come together to celebrate our unsung heroes and the enormous impact of these individuals and businesses.”

“By taking the time to recognise the efforts of our amazing nominees and winners, we hope to not only showcase their successes, but also inspire a future wave of people serving our thriving Victorian LGBTI community,” de Rochefort said.

Named as the Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year, Micah Scott was humbled to be recognised for his work as CEO of LGBTI youth organisation Minus18.

At only 28 years old, Micah has devoted more than a third of his life to supporting LGBTI young people and making Victoria a better place for them.

Founding the Minus18 Foundation in 2011, Micah’s unparalleled understanding of LGBTI young people and ability to inspire them drove the growth of Minus18 from a 5-person events team to a youth-led charity that now engages 30 volunteers supporting more than 150,000 LGBTI Australians in events, support and resources.

“It’s an exceptional honour to have the work we do at Minus18 acknowledged, especially when considering the calibre of the other nominees. Celebrating and supporting the LGBTI community, and LGBTI youth in particular, at a time like this is incredibly important,” Scott said.

More than 450 people attended the Gala Awards, with profits going towards the 2018 GLOBE Community Grants that will be awarded in scholarships to community organisations and small businesses that support the LGBTI community.

Categories and winners of the GLOBE Community Awards are:

  • Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year – Micah Scott, Minus18
  • Community Inspiration – Dean Arcuri
  • Volunteer of the Year – Myka Williams, VAC
  • A Healthy Community – queerspace
  • Connecting Our Community – Midsumma Festival
  • ANZ Excellence in Business Award – GLEE@PwC Victoria
  • Think HQ Media Excellence Award – Mark Kearney, Bendigo Advertiser
  • Artist of the Year, sponsored by RMIT – Mama Alto
  • John Marriott Sportsperson of the Year – Meredith ‘Maxi’ Williams, Melbourne Argonauts and Athlete for Life (Be in it!)
  • Straight Ally of the Year – Associate Professor Michelle Telfer
  • Protecting Our Community, sponsored by Lander & Rogers Lawyers – RMIT University

2017 GLOBE Community Awards MCs

Gorgi Coghlan, recognisable for her seven years of co-hosting ‘The Project’ on Network Ten, as well as frequenting our televisions throughout the years reporting on, and hosting television programs ranging from ‘The Today Show’ to ‘Postcards’. Also a classically trained singer and stage performer, Gorgi has performed at charity events, raising money for organisations such as the Alannah and Madeline Foundation’s Starry Starry Night Ball.

Photograph by: Nicole Cleary

Sami Shah, is an award winning writer and comedian, and has been in the business of making people laugh for over a decade. He is known for his autobiography “I, MIGRANT” and his appearances on ‘QI’ with Stephen Fry, and on Network Ten’s ‘The Project’. Addressing social justice issues and world affairs through his comedy and his writing, he is now the author of three books, and has been nominated for multiple literary awards.

Finalists for the Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year Award

The Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year award recognises the inspiring LGBTIQA individuals creating positive impact through the work they have done within the community and their commitment to the cause.

Here are the finalists for the GLOBE LGBTI Person of the Year award:

Anthony Wallace is a passionate and long-time advocate for marriage equality and co-ordinator of the Equal Love Campaign. For over ten years he has worked to bring members of the community to the front lines, while also creating The 86 Bar, which prides itself as a safe space for LGBTQI people and performers.

Melissa Griffiths is a passionate volunteer transgender advocate whose experience of discrimination and harassment drives her toward providing an outlet for a community in need. She lends her time freely to speak at events, seminars, write blog posts, and record podcasts to further her outreach.

Micah Scott began his career as a volunteer for Minus18 at the age of seventeen, and after profound changes in the organisation has escalated to CEO. The organisation boasts a reach of over 150,000 people, and provides LGBTQI resources used the world over.

Dolly Diamond is the stage name of Michael Dalton, a much beloved entertainer and performer who’s called Australia home since 1999. Touring the nation with shows and festivals, Dolly is one of the country’s finest cabaret talents, and works to promote LGBTQI causes and emerging talent.

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Finalists for the Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year award recognises the outstanding volunteers who dedicate their time to supporting the LGBTI community and their personal volunteer achievements.

Here are the finalists for the Volunteer of the Year award:

Sally Tia Conning is a transgender advocate, educator and speaker whose work has brought her before myriad groups in urban and rural communities. She has acted both as an organisational representative and as an individual, and offers one-on-one to support to community members in need.

Jimmy Twin is a dedicated community volunteer working to promote emerging LGBTQI artists in the video game industry, as well as being a tireless advocate for equal representation in media. In recent years he has curated numerous LGBTQI art exhibitions, and appears regularly on Joy 94.9’s video game show, Checkpoint.

Myka Williams volunteers as a member of the Victorian AIDS Council where he offers services in event and program management, the collection of items for the VAC food bank, and massage therapy for people living with HIV. He is credited with netting over $12,000 for the organisation over the last year alone.

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Finalists for the Straight Ally of the Year Award

The Straight Ally of the Year award, sponsored by IBM, recognises non LGBTI individuals who support those in the LGBTI community.

Here are the finalists for the Straight Ally of the Year:

Angie Greene serves as the CEO of Stand Up Events, an organisation devoted to promoting equality in Australian sport. Since 2015 she has worked in both rural and urban communities spreading awareness of issues surrounding gender and sexuality, and operates runs the annual CGU’s Move in May an inclusive fun run/walk on the international day against homophobia and transphobia (IDAHOT).

Associate Professor Michelle Telfer is a paediatrician and trans medicine specialist working with the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service. During her service she has helped redefine standards of care, lobbied for change in government policy, and worked tirelessly to help transgender children and their families.

Bec Dahl is a major player at Joy 94.9, and appears on three shows; Chicks Talking Footy, Stand Up Straight, and Family Matters. Among her other achievements, Bec is a major organiser of the AFL Pride Game broadcasts, and helped to instigate Adelaide Football Club’s LGBTI group ‘Rainbow Crows’.

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Finalists for the John Marriott Sportsperson of the Year Award

The John Marriott Sportsperson of the Year award, sponsored by Aesop, celebrates LGBTI individuals who have accomplished exceptional sporting achievements in Victoria.

Here are the finalists for the Aesop Sports Person of the Year:

Jason Buckner is the winner of numerous gold medals in masters swimming, both in Victoria and internationally, and currently serves as head coach for the Glamourhead Sharks Aquatic Club, where he promotes LGBTQI aquatic athletes in local competition and abroad.

Meredith ‘Maxi’ Williams is a former two time winner of the Head of the Yarra rowing competition, a multiple award winning underwater hockey champion, and, with the Melbourne University Boat Club, a winner of gold and silver at the 2017 World Masters. In 2001 she founded the Melbourne Argonauts Queer Rowing Club, Australias first LGBTQI rowing club.

Sebastian Delfino is a multiple medal winning volleyball player who boasts a number of accolades in Australia and abroad. Serving as president of the Melbourne Spikers and Vice President of Team Melbourne, Sebastian has worked tirelessly to over an eight year career to build goodwill between teams and organisations.

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Finalists for the Artist of the Year Award

The Artist of the Year award, sponsored by RMIT University, recognises the inspiring work in LGBTI arts and culture at Victorian state awards and the impact of arts and culture within the LGBTI community.

Here are the finalists for the Artist of the Year award:

Miller Soding, is as singer/songwriter/storyteller, and host of the live music show, Jam Sessions, on Joy 94.9. The title track of her most recent release, ‘In a While’ has enjoyed success through Triple J Unearthed, and spent two weeks atop of the Roots chart.

Mama Alto, among her many talents is a gender transcendent diva, cabaret artiste, jazz singer, and community activist. A soft and powerful storyteller, Mama Alto has produced, curated, and directed more than eight shows in recent years, through which she has swept up multiple awards and accolades around the world.

Marco Ryan is a multidisciplinary artist in the field of animation & creative technologies whose work promotes discussion around LGBTQI issues in a fun and unique way. Marco has served as a mentor at Cartooning with Pride at Midsumma 2016 Festival, and regularly volunteers his services to community organizations.

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Finalists for the Think HQ Media Exellence Award

The Think HQ Media Excellence category recognises those who present exceptional work reporting on the issues of the LGBTI community in Victoria.

Here are the finalists for the Think HQ Media Excellence awards:

David McCarthy, “Macca” to his friends, has been a mainstay on Joy 94.9 for two decades, and is host and lead producer for their “Saturday Magazine” program. With a reach that spans the world, Macca has worked tirelessly to promote health in the LGBTQI community, particularly casting light on issues such as youth suicide.

Matthew Wade is a Victorian journalist recently appointed editor of the Star Observer, and has reported passionately on LGBTQI issues alongside his varied works as a community volunteer. As a regular contributor to Bent TV and Joy 94.9, his is a passionate and positive voice within our community.

Mark Kearney is a journalist with the Bendigo Advertiser, whose work in the past year has had significant impact on the LGBTQI community. Along with pressuring the government to expand PrEPX to rural communities, Mark was the only journalist to hold anti-Safe School advocates to account during their Bendigo visit.

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